Monday, 1 April 2013

Chicken patties with Hammad

This blog is seriously not about chicken patties, coffee and making your mouth water by talking about all these. But it certainly has some connection with these.
Hammad Siddiqui - Social Media Expert

Sitting at waiting room, after bearing the scorching sunshine throughout to the place; finally reached my destination to meet a career expert.

While having patties from Crispo bakers (which were served), a random thought occurred to me, that how many students got this chance to come to any career expert in person, and discuss something about it like me.When this thought was over, I realized that the chicken patties had also been over. Next to that empty plate, there was a tissue box and a cup of coffee for me. I went for a cup of coffee.

Wearing stripes shirt, dress pants, slim spectacles, holding Sony Xperia; inshort in a formal official attire.There was HammadSiddiqui – a well known career expert and Social Media Guru; a down to earth man, who has always been available to mentor the youngsters about their career.

In this short meeting with Hammad sahb over chicken patties, I learnt  how to connect your twitter accounts from one twitter profile, to use them through smartphone, to engage the audience through Ustream and most importantly how to design an effective Social media action plan for any organisation.

Go Social Media Go!

By Ahsan Umar
Twitter: @ahsanumartv