Thursday, 17 January 2013

A Father should be his Son's first Hero

"A Father should be his Son's first Hero"
By Ahsan Umar
Twitter: @ahsanumartv


  1. I actually agree with you and I have wriiten on blog myself on it. It's sad that nowdays people dont prefer making their own parents their idols when in reality, their parents are actually the ones who have made them who they are. A great picture btw :)

  2. In reality it is different. The father always wanted their son (s) to view them as their first hero, but their son (s) have other plans regarding making their father as first heroes. However, this can be true in case of daughters. Daughters always love their fathers more than the sons. In fact, i won't be wrong if i write "A father is always his daughter's first hero" :)